September 19-25 , 2021

Eat More Lobster

Maine Lobster Week is a statewide lobster celebration starting September 19 and concluding on National Lobster Day, September 25. Find lobster shacks, food trucks, and fine dining with everything from lobster rolls and lobster Bloody Mary's, to decadent three-course menus, at participating dining locations from Kennebunkport to Bar Harbor. 


Maine Lobster Week honors the hard-working lobstermen. The Maine Lobster fishery has long prided itself on being a sustainable industry. It has self-imposed rules to protect the resource dating back to the 1800s. The tradition of lobstering has been passed down for generations and is a cornerstone of Maine's coastal culture and economy. Lobstermen and suppliers know that to preserve the fishery and the lobstering way of life, they must protect the lobster stocks in the Gulf of Maine and the coastal and marine environment. 


Maine Lobster Week is presented by the Maine Marketing Lobster Collaborative and produced by Gillian Britt, with generous promotional support from Portland Press Herald. Thanks for reading and for sharing Maine Lobster Week with family and friends. Cheers! 

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