September 19-25 , 2021
Island Lobster Company

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Island Lobster Company is always excited to showcase a few of our amazing lobster dishes sourced from our lobster boat!

To list a few:

Lobster Poutine, a boat of french fries with handpicked lobster meat and cheddar cheese curds with lobster bisque drizzed on top.  $29.00

Maine Lobster Roll with mayo or brown butter.  Simply the best! $29.00

Lobster BLT,  our hand picked lobster bacon lettuce and tomatos from Jordans farm on a toasted bulkie bun. $29.00

Lobster Bisque, classic creamy lobster bisque with chunks of lobster meat. $9 Cup $13 Bowl


Phone: 207 956 7488


20 Island Avenue
Peaks Island Portland, ME 04108

Dinner Hours:

11:00-kitchen closes // Open 7 days

Lobster roll available!

Lobster specials available!

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