September 22-29 , 2024

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Join us for Maine Lobster Week! We offer both mayo and hot buttered lobster rolls at a fair price. My husband is a lobsterman and all our lobster comes from his boat. In addition to rolls we also offer a lobster quesadilla and lobster grilled cheese. All our menu offerings can be upgraded to a basket with fries and coleslaw for an additional fee.


Phone: 2077330086
Website: http://


106 Main Street
Lubec, ME 04652

Dinner Hours:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 11:30-7:00

Lobster roll available!

Lobster specials available!

Eat Maine Lobster

Prioritize purchasing Maine lobster from local suppliers, restaurants, and markets. Choosing Maine lobster directly supports Maine fishermen! 

Share Your Lobster Experience

Use your social media accounts and tell your friends and neighbors to share their positive experiences with Maine lobster. Post photos, recipes, and reviews! Help raise awareness and appreciation for Maine lobster and the people who harvest it.

Join Maine Lobster Week Activities

Participate in events and activities during Maine Lobster Week, such as dining at participating restaurants, joining in cooking demonstrations, and seeking out educational opportunities. Active involvement promotes a deeper connection to the lobster community.